Victoria police killed Rhett Mutch – Now a coroner’s inquest will delve into the details

Victoria’s Rhett Mutch was alone in his mother’s house on Dallas Rd. in November of 2014, when Victoria police shot him in the neck.   He died from the wound.

image (1)

Victoria police had been called there by Mutch’s mother, after he had broken into the home (his mother had asked him not come back to live at the house yet – they had experienced a difficult mother/son relationship over many years).

The shooting was the subject of an investigation by the Independent Investigations Office, but they cleared a Victoria Police officer of any criminal wrongdoing in June of 2016.  Their report is lengthy.  This is from their time-line on the day of his death:

10:54 a.m.  –  Two VicPD officers report arrival at the scene.
10:54 a.m.  –  Dispatch broadcasts that mother was confronting her son and a male’s voice could be heard in the background.
10:55 a.m.  –  Dispatch broadcasts that units were responding and male had picked up a knife.
10:55 a.m.  –  Dispatch broadcasts that male had a knife to his throat.
10:56 a.m.  –  A supervisor instructs that members should “try and probe, use cover and initiate a dialogue.”
10:57 a.m.  –  Witness officer 3 reports that he is on his way around to the back of the residence.
10:57 a.m.  –  Witness officer 4 reports that contact is made with the affected person.
10:59 a.m.  –  Dispatch reports that Emergency Medical Services will be asked to stage near the residence.
11:02 a.m.  –  Witness officer 5 reports that shots have been fired.
11:03 a.m.  –  Witness officer 5 requests dispatch to send ALS (Advance Life Support).
Dispatch advises ALS on route.
11:05 a.m.  –  Witness officer 2 informs dispatch that officers are starting
11:09 a.m.  –  Witness officer 2 reports that ALS is working on affected person.
11:29 a.m.  –  Affected person pronounced deceased inside ambulance

In 2016, Marney Mutch, Rhett’s mother, spoke to CHEK News:

 “When they arrived at the door I was blown away there was a SWAT team — absolutely blown away and stunned.,” Mutch says. “If someone is threatening to hurt themselves you don’t come barging in with lethal weapons and point them at them!”

In November, 2016, Marney Mutch filed a wrongful death lawsuit against nine unnamed police officers.  The civil claim argued that the actions of the officers were negligent and in violation of use-of-force law.  That case has not yet been heard.

Today, the BC Coroner’s Office announced that they will hold a coroner’s inquest into the circumstances of the death.  It will take place in Victoria, commencing next month, on May 15th.







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