17-year-old Esquimalt girl dies from cocaine overdose last weekend

From Victoria News:

The big day for Heather McLean will be celebrated by friends and family at the end of the month, but the Esquimalt teen known for her beaming smile won’t be there to join them.

During the Easter long weekend, Heather died of a suspected drug overdose while using cocaine. As her grief-stricken father and stepmother wait on toxicology tests, they can’t help but fear fentanyl was involved.

According to Heather’s stepmother Tamsin Stratford, Heather had been couch surfing and was trying to be independent. Few details have been released about her death, but Stratford said the teen had been staying at a hotel with some friends the night her life came to a sudden end.




16 thoughts on “17-year-old Esquimalt girl dies from cocaine overdose last weekend

  1. As her Uncle, Heather the Feather was always beaming as child and loved to dance. I am saddened by her loss. She was lured by the search for inclusion and to be a part of a culture that she thought would take care of her but it in the end they took her down. We all have to take a look at ourselves and to our children and let them know that there is nothing more powerful than a families love. Love and letting someone know you love them is the most powerful intoxicant. My heart is with my Sister, her Mother who so much wanted to let her know how important she was to her and never had the chance to tell her. Heather knows Bonnie

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  2. When will the government start to take the Fentanyl crisis seriously, young lives should not be in danger due to self-exploration! Last year there were almost 1,000 fentanyl related deaths in BC ALONE. We must demand action! This is NOT just a problem for addicts.


    1. When will PARENTS start to take their responsibility for their children seriously?
      A minor is “couch-surfing” and, not surprisingly, sadly meets a bad end. That’s the parents and extended family’s bad.
      Don’t expect the Government to clean up every mess!


      1. Not the time to blane parents….such a sad time for family…lets pull together as a society to support our vulnerable ….


      2. Do yourself a favour and rethink your remarks. Do you have any first hand knowledge of how much her family tried to help her out? No you don’t. We all tried. Her parents tried so much. Don’t comment on things you have no knowledge about.


      3. Ignorant conment!! U know nothing about her or her family.
        My condolences to friends and family at this difficult time.


  3. It seems coincidental that the surge in overdose deaths comes at the same time that we have seen a surge in illegal pot shops opening up. I am not suggesting that people are overdosing on pot but asking whether the lax attitude towards drugs is encouraging young people to try harder options.


    1. Not at all. Having dispensaries around has allowed me to find a way to help me manage my mental health issues. I would not dare touch harder options. People who fall into harder drugs do so by peer pressure. Pot shops have nothing to do with it.


    2. Correlation is not causation and this is a remarkably reaching arguement. The “pot as a gateway drug” has been largely debunked, and I find it very difficult to believe that a kid would suddenly buy a bag of coke “because of all the pot shops popping up”.
      Thanks for sharing your half-baked (pun intended) theory though.


  4. Poor girl rest in peace 😇😇😇

    I’ve done all sorts of drugs and if u r choosing that life then I need to trust and know who ur suplyer is don’t just get off a random. I’m almost a year clean and pls if u use use responsibly


  5. We should be focusing our efforts into finding the grown man responsible for providing a minor with enough drugs to overdose on. Some say they know who it is. I want to see that piece of shit pay for it.


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