Thrifty Foods to charge 5 cents for paper bags, starting this month

At least according to this post on VibrantVictoria:

Thrifty Foods will begin charging 5 cents for paper bags by the end of the month.  I asked if that applied to the ones that keep their over priced roasted chickens warm and was assured that they will be putting their thermal friendly bags on sale just in the nick of time.  I always bring my cloth bags to Thrifty’s but have appreciated the offer of a paper bag to keep the chicken warm and catch any leakage.  Yes, it’s only a nickel, but this is the kind of thing that Sobeys can easily absorb to keep customers happy. Distracting attention from the product towards  a punitive charge on a completely recyclable bag (wasn’t that the original argument?) seems wrong when trying to warm up to the average consumer.



2 thoughts on “Thrifty Foods to charge 5 cents for paper bags, starting this month

  1. A charge for a bag is a great idea, even if it is paper. We need to be encouraged to bring our own bags. ( it needs to be law that we bring our own at this point, I reckon. ) It’s not just about plastic, it is about using trees for bags.


  2. I always bring my own bags when going to the store. I’m rarely able to do that now. Will you be charged if it’s an online delivery order that you can’t bring bags for it? Or will items just be loaded in the green bins? Curious minds need to know.


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