Victoria and Esquimalt taxpayers are paying the chief’s $20,000/month salary – could this go on for years?


There may be no near end to the ongoing saga of disgraced Victoria and Esquimalt police chief Frank Elsner’s legal battles.

And police board co-chairs Lisa Helps and Barb Desjardins have refused to stop paying his $20,000/month salary, and all his legal bills – despite being in a position to end his salary.

As one post at Vibrant Victoria indicates, this could go on for much longer:

Agreed but hard to fault him for his legal maneuvers. Helps and Desjardins have made it clear that they are going to continue to pay him as long as he is the Chief. They have also made it clear that they will fund whatever inane legal challenge he might come up with. You would have to think that Elsner can delay this process with appeals and court challenges for years. Nice to have a continued source of income while you get your pot consulting (my personal categorization) business off the ground.

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