Police release details of this morning’s knife assault in Oak Bay

The press release, in full:

April 25 Esplanade Break-In

April 25, 2017

Shortly before 7:30am, Oak Bay Police responded to a 911 call from the 2500 block of the Esplanade near Willows Beach in Oak Bay.

Police arrived at the home shortly after the call was received and entered the house to find that a 45-year-old, female resident had suffered significant injuries to her upper body. A suspect had fled the scene.

Oak Bay Police members provided First Aid and were joined in short order to the Oak Bay Fire Department and the Provincial Ambulance Service who took over the medical treatment of the victim.

Additional officers from Saanich and Victoria Police Departments also attended and assisted in securing the home and surrounding area. A comprehensive search of the neighbourhood was conducted with the help of a canine unit and numerous officers.

The victim was transported to hospital by ambulance and will require surgery to treat her injuries.

At this time, the investigation is in its preliminary stages and details are sparse. Police do know that a male, unknown to the victim, entered the home. At some point, the victim confronted the male and a struggle ensued. The female suffered injuries from what appears to be an edged weapon of some sort.

With the victim in surgery, police have been unable to speak to her at length so we are still gathering information including insight into a potential motive for entering the home and the circumstances leading up to the assault.

Officers from Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria police department remain engaged in this investigation including resources from Patrol Divisions, Police Detectives, Major Crimes, K9 and Forensic Identification Services.

In an abundance of caution, the two nearby Elementary Schools were requested to go into a “Lock and Secure” mode. This response involves classes continuing on as normal with doors to the school locked and children contained within the school. There was no indication at any point that the schools were in danger but it was felt to have been a prudent precautionary measure. The Lock and Secure was released around 10:30am.

The assault occurred on a bright, sunny, Tuesday morning along a stretch of beach that is generally quite busy with pedestrians and dog walkers. It is hoped that someone in the area at the time might have noticed something unusual and will call police with that information.

The suspect is described as male, in his 20’s, heavy set and wearing a brown jacket, dark pants and a base ball cap. He had a light blue and white handkerchief (bandana) around his neck.

By way of a service agreement that exists between the Oak Bay and Saanich Police Departments, the Saanich Police Detective Division will be taking the lead on this investigation with oversight by Oak Bay.

Officers will remain on scene for the foreseeable future as the investigation progresses.

Any information the public may have to pass on can be phones in to the Saanich Police Detective Division at 250-475-4321 or to Crime Stoppers.



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