Reports: Travis Green to become next Canucks head coach

From The Province:

Even when Trevor Linden was given the keys to the ranch three years ago, there was still the perception that ownership was overly involved in the Canucks’ inner workings. The story went the Aquilinis weren’t in favour of a comprehensive retooling of the team; that they believed the club could remain competitive while they transitioned to younger players.

Again, it’s hard to know if that was their plan or the plan that was sold to them but, whoever was responsible, it didn’t work. The Canucks finished 28th in the NHL in 2015-16 and 29th in 2016-17 which led to head coach Willie Desjardins getting whacked and today’s news that Travis Green would succeed him.

Green thus becomes the Canucks’ fourth head coach in four years, which isn’t exactly the hallmark of a stable organization. So why would anyone think it will be any different this time?




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