Richmond to cap new farm houses at 11,000 sq. ft., but allow exceptions for ‘cultural and inter-generational family needs’

From the CBC:

Richmond city council has voted to move ahead with proposed changes that would cap the size of a farmhouse on half-an-acre to just under 11,000 square feet.

Monday night’s 7-2 vote followed months of public consultations around the issue of mega-homes being built on the Agricultural Land Reserve.

City Coun. Carol Day is against the updated guidelines.

“This lame motion is not going to do as much as it could have done,” she said, adding the wording is too vague and allows for many loopholes.

“One of the other things I voted against was the allowance for a farmland owner who wants to build a larger house than the 10,764 square feet to be able to apply for rezoning that could take them to an even larger size.”

The wording of the proposed bylaw suggests exceptions be considered to “accommodate a variety of cultural and inter-generational family needs.”



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