(VIDEO) Meet the Halunder Jet – new Victoria-Vancouver ferry will be fastest vessel in the harbour next spring

The 587-passenger Halunder Jet will be the big boy in the harbour starting next spring.

With 4 jet engines adding up to 9,463 horse power, the 52-metre vessel will be capable of 36 knots when it leaves the slower-speed confines of the harbour, on its way to downtown Vancouver each day.

MORE from the Times Colonist, earlier this month.

The Haludner Jet, to be acquired by the folks that run the Victoria Clipper, will then join two existing passenger ferry services harbour-to-harbour from Victoria to Vancouver.

Prince of Whales has been running the ferry route daily – in summer months – for years now, but last year they upgraded the run with the brand new $3.5M Salish Sea Dream.  The cost for that trip, that’s 4 hours coming to Victoria, and 2.25 hours back (from Butchart Gardens), is $205 each way, or $310 return, including a Butchart Gardens bus transfer and entry pass.

Of course, in May of this year, the 254-passenger V2V Empress also begins the daily run to Vancouver.  Fares range from $120 and up.


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