Const. Sarah Beckett family issues letter critical of case delays

After yet another delay in the criminal case against Jacob Fenton, the Beckett family released this statement today:

Over one year ago, Const. Sarah Beckett, my wife and the mother of our two young children, was killed by a motor vehicle operated by Kenneth Jacob Fenton. Today, our family was further dismayed that the case against Mr. Fenton was adjourned for the eighth time.

As a family, we continue to be victimized by a judicial system that doesn’t adequately consider the interests of those harmed. Despite the passage of over a year, Mr. Fenton has not entered a plea and our family has no closure. We are left to wonder who is standing up for Sarah, who died serving the people of Canada? Who is looking out for police officers who put their lives at risk every day?

This matter should be resolved not on the basis of what is expedient but on the basis of what is right.

We would like to thank everyone who has provided support to our family over the past year. We are particularly grateful to Sarah’s RCMP family for all that they have done.

Thank you.



One thought on “Const. Sarah Beckett family issues letter critical of case delays

  1. It is disgusting that the family of Cst. Sarah Beckett is being subjected to the lengthy delays of the criminal justice system of Canada. It’s a shame that the citizens of Canada have to use the back of this outstanding officer who sacrificed her life in the line of duty to once again bring attention to the utter chaotic state our courts as well as the whole judicial process are in. Something needs to change and change now so closure can be brought not only to Cst Beckett’s family but all the other families that are victims of violence and left in limbo for years without closure in the courts.


    Melinda Jones


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