Globe And Mail piece: Vancouver Island is where you come to get away from everywhere else

Maybe it was the noise. Maybe it was the traffic. Maybe it was the endless winter shovelling. After seven years in Toronto, our young family decided to uproot to Victoria with no fixed job prospects. We were mesmerized by the slower pace of life, secluded beaches and milder climate. My last stop out of town was a clothing donation box where I crammed in my puffy winter jacket.

More, from today’s Globe And Mail


5 thoughts on “Globe And Mail piece: Vancouver Island is where you come to get away from everywhere else

  1. Do you have any idea how annoyed we Vancouver Island folk get with this kind of ridiculous writing. This is not the place you come to get away from it all. Stay home. We have so many issues here. You have no idea really! The problems are endless. Cougars wander city streets. No one is safe. Your dogs and children are always at risk. The weather is terrible. It rains all the time. It’s cold. Not a frosty, nose rosy kind of cold either. A deep, damp, chilled to the bone kind of cold. Even the beds feel damp. No, really … stay home. It’s not a nice place, this Island. It’s for the brave of heart, for those with a pioneer spirit. Not for you from the Big City. Just stay home and go to the spa or some 5-star restaurant. Relax where you are and leave us to fight the elements here on the Island.


    1. It looks you are serious, but you can not full us, you never lived in the Center of the World, TO, or experienced traffic jam at 20C below.


    2. This is a brilliant response. I, too, would use any tactic to stave off the masses. The quickest form of ruination of natural beauty and pleasant environments is overpopulation. Now, with the collapse of the USA caused by stupidity of those Americans supporters of Donald Trump. It may be worth mentioning the bears roaming your streets. Also, anyone found with a firearm attempting harm to any cougars and/or bears will be deported back to the states. Bravo!


  2. I was never so disappointed with my annual trip to Victoria as I was last year. I have been coming every summer for 15 years now , but last year when I see the Empress hotel it truest made me sad. So much for historical land marks.


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