Look out for bikes! New downtown 2-way lanes to open with no driver education plan in place

As the Times Colonist reads this morning, “caution (is) the word” as the new Pandora bike track opens Monday – with no vehicle-driver education plan in place.  Drivers will find dozens of brand new vehicle movement restrictions and signal changes on Monday, as well as finding cyclists travelling both ways on a traditionally one-way street.

Streets with new signal lights and turn restrictions include:

Cook, Pandora, Vancouver, Quadra, Amelia, Blanshard, Douglas, Government, Broad, Store/Wharf.


Caution will be the watchword as the first leg of Victoria’s new separated bike lanes network officially opens Monday on a busy stretch of Pandora Avenue.

With cyclists travelling in both directions in a bike track on the north side of Pandora Avenue, while the roadway remains one-way for motorists, it’s going to take some getting used to for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

Steve Wallace, of Wallace Driving School, predicted the new bike track will be more of a learning curve than the traffic circles at McTavish Road and the Patricia Bay Highway.

“The triple bypass out there was supposed to prevent a heart attack, not cause one. It was quite a learning curve.”

Wallace noted that Victoria has a high percentage of senior drivers who don’t take well to change and a high percentage of cyclists who ignore rules of the road, including traffic signals.

See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/caution-the-word-for-pandora-bike-lanes-opening-monday-1.17517982#sthash.izvUXNIk.dpuf



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