Sorry, guys – ‘Ladies Only*’ night at HarbourCats game to leave men out

No men allowed*.  

That will be the case on Thursday, June 22 at the HarbourCats Ladies Only Night, presented by Emery Electric.

Yes, there is that wonderful “baseball asterisk*” to this event.  Men are welcome of course, with a donation to Ovarian Cancer Canada.  The HarbourCats are very pleased to partner with Emery Electric on this game night intended to raise awareness and come closer to striking out ovarian cancer.

Representatives from Ovarian Cancer Canada will be in attendance to talk about the cause.

Island Rhythmic Gymnastics will perform a 10-minute pregame on-field gymnastics demonstration.

For more information about Ovarian Cancer Canada, please visit:

The HarbourCats will also welcome Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce to the ballpark that evening for their mixer event.

The HarbourCats play the defending WCL Champion Corvallis Knights on Ladies Only Night, at 6:35pm at Royal Athletic Park.


13 thoughts on “Sorry, guys – ‘Ladies Only*’ night at HarbourCats game to leave men out

  1. Because when women go to sporting events, they always look like vapid airheads who only want to pose and take selfies, not watch the actual event. This is totally condescending and insulting.

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      1. So? That still doesn’t do much to change the perception of the picture? The women might be intelligent, they might be kind, they might be a whole bunch of things, that doesn’t change the fact that the picture makes them look dumb and it’s being promoted for ‘women’s night’ at a sporting event. Can’t it be an image of women watching and cheering for the event, rather than an image of women looking self absorbed?

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      2. THis picture went viral around the internet. The general consensus and discussion around it was that it was intended to make fun of these women. If you’re trying to host an event in support of women, making fun of them isn’t the answer.

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  2. Agree with Kerry. A picture says a thousand words. 2 women taking selfies to depict baseball fans? Come. On. It doesn’t matter what their professions are in real life. This image is not representative. It’s neither ethnically diverse or generationally diverse. You can do better than this.

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      1. Well I’ve contact emery electric, the harbour cats and ovarian cancer Canada, so I guess they can decide how they feel about your work too.

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  3. I am saddened to see that the whole idea of this event has been lost because of a picture! (Yes a poor picture choice I admit) as we all know a picture tells a thousand stories.
    The event is not a focus on …”men not allowed and women only” ….but of a battle that women face everyday fighting a cancer that doesn’t rear its ugly face until the late stages.
    Victoria HarbourCats released a breaking news story to promote raising awareness for ovarian cancer (without a picture) Men not allowed was used in the caption with an explanation of ” why” only to put the focus on women for the night.
    It’s sad that a picture was added to the story and posted on social media from the caption and not the body of the story. Obviously the message was lost and the whole reason for the event all because of a picture.
    This will be a fun night and an exciting fundraiser for ovarian cancer and I hope that people will come and enjoy the game for the reasons the event was meant to represent!


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