More homeless unrest – Reeson Park now dubbed ‘Chattel City’ – protesters to outline demands at 12:30 today

This is a breaking story, and details are still scarce.

A group of former “tent city” residents are joining a group that has been camping at downtown Victoria’s tiny Reeson Park, and will be issuing a list of demands at a press conference early this afternoon.

From CTV News:

Campers are alleging that they suffer police harassment and theft from city bylaw officers “which exacerbates physical, mental and emotional stress.”

Activists also say they’re concerned that a city proposal to give the park a dramatic facelift including a “playable” art installation will displace campers because of a bylaw that prevents people from sleeping on or near playgrounds.

Former residents of “Super InTent City,” which sprung up on the lawn of the Victoria Courthouse for months starting in 2015, are also expected to speak out on their continued fight for “autonomy and self-determination” after being moved to supportive housing.



2 thoughts on “More homeless unrest – Reeson Park now dubbed ‘Chattel City’ – protesters to outline demands at 12:30 today

  1. The city just needs to send them back where they came from instead of taking demands spunds like they are a bunch of terorists


  2. Yet another paid communist agitator event.

    I wish these not so homeless birtue signallers would just let people speak for themselves without the requirement of getting their system shilling stamp of approval.

    Government created this problem, it is not the answer. Getting pro-antifa soros bots to socially manipulate the downtrodden like this is appauling.

    Super intent city was a disaster, the solution was an abject failure, its no wonder these tent cities keep popping up like weeds no matter how much tax dollars these idiots get thrown at the problem in a wrong way.


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