Opening this week – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

REVIEW from the San Francisco Chronicle:

It’s a tricky thing, and other movies have tried and failed, but “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” does it. It’s a sci-fi action movie that spoofs the form to strong comic effect, and yet it profits from every good thing about the genre it’s mocking. It tries to have it both ways, and it succeeds.

The first “Guardians of the Galaxy” almost got there, but the jokes weren’t funny enough, and it leaned too much on the space battles. “Vol. 2” is wilder and more inspired. The emphasis is on the comedy, and the comedy is specific and directed this time, so we’re not just seeing generalized high spirits. The sci-fi action genre itself is the target, so that every time the movie seems to be going in a conventional direction — cranking up the soundtrack for the corny horns of hope — the legs are cut out, and the seriousness goes splat.


This film opens at Victoria’s Capitol 6 Theatre this Thursday, May 4th.  Check LISTINGS for show-times.



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