Is Tim Hortons new latte a sign of going too upscale?

From the National Post:

Tim Hortons has just introduced its own brand of latte. Its national marketing campaign has already thrust the beverage toward ubiquity, and it isn’t difficult to perceive the central theme.

See if you can’t identify the promotional motif: “The perfect latte. It’s perfectly uncomplicated. It’s freshly ground premium espresso beans. It’s steamed 100 per cent Canadian milk. It’s one size. And an affordable price. Just say, ‘Latte.’”

Do you detect a note of reassurance? Of preempting certain objections from the country’s double-double-loving hoi polloi? It reads like a doctor putting his patient’s mind at ease about the peril of an impending procedure. Don’t worry, Tim Hortons enthusiasts. The ad copy is a thesaurus of mollification: this latte is simple, easy, straightforward, undemanding, painless, elementary, trouble-free…



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